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Tweed Delight

Tweed Delight

Inspired from the legendary 5E3 Fender circuit, this combo amplifier delivers either a detailed and punchy or round and mellow clean sound depending on the chosen input, but in any case with rich harmonics.

When reaching halfway point of the volume pot, the amp starts to crunch giving way to blues rhythmics and solos. Pushed far over this limit, it enters the overdrive domain, ready to rock!

The amp is equiped with the best components around (Belton sockets, F/T and Jupiter capacitors, Switchcraft jacks, CTS potentiometers, JJ tubes, Somercable speaker cable, APEM switches) and built to last !

  • Normal Input (Hi & Lo)

  • Bright Input (Hi & Lo)

  • Controls : Vol. Normal, Vol. Bright, Tone

  • Preamp : 12AY7 (V1), 12AX7 (V2)

  • Power stage : 6V6GT (V3, V4)

  • Rectification :  5Y3GT (V5)

  • Speaker : Weber 12" 30W/8 ohms

  • Power transformer : Hammond

  • Output transformer : Mercury Magnetics

  • Power : 12Wrms

  • Weight : 14kg

  • Finish : Varnished wood or Classical (Tweed)

From 1400€

Tweed Delight front
Tweed Delight rear
Tweed Delight guts
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