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LeadBelly 20

LeadBelly 20

Less famous than other models of the same brand until recently, this little compact and lightweighted amp stands out with a handwired reissue that brings it back into fashion.
Two channels - one intended for bass, the other for guitar -, two inputs and two controls : hard to make it more simple!
Tone speaking, this little thing won't stay clean too much at high level. Although it is able to deliver really nice clean sounds, this amp show up joyfully its guts if asked to do so.
It will do fine for practicing at home or even for rehearsal with a band that doesn't need to get too loud. Otherwise, there will be rock!

  • 2 Channels : Bass et Lead

  • 2 Inputs Hi & Lo by channel

  • Controls : Volume, Tone

  • Preamp : 12AX7 (V1, V2)

  • Power stage : EL84 (V3, V4)

  • Rectification :  diodes silicium

  • Power transformer : Classic Tone

  • Output transformer : Mercury Magnetics

  • Speaker output impedance : 8 or 16 ohm

  • Power : 12Wrms

  • Weight : 9kg

  • Finish : Varnished wood or Classical (black tolex and white piping)

From 1300€

Leadbelly 20 front
Leadbelly 20 chassis
Leadbelly 20 guts
Leadbelly 20 guts
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