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Tube Reverb

Tube Reverb

A timeless classic, despite technological progress. Yes, we can make a reverb with a simple chip or use a more complex DSP, then put it in a small box. So a tube reverb using mechanical springs and transducers might seems a little bit old-fashioned...But who has never dreamt of the mellowness and richness of a reverb coming from a Deluxe Reverb? The secret is here, close at hand, without the need to change your favourite amplifier. Wether it's placed just after the guitar, like Neil Young does, or in a effect loop, this reverb will surely become an essential link of your chain of effects.


  • Input, Output

  • Controls : Dwell, Mix, Tone

  • 12AT7 (V1), 6K6GT (V2), 12AX7 (V3)

  • Accutronics reverb tank

  • Footswitch included

  • Weight : 8kg

  • Finish : Varnish wood or Classic (tolex/grillcloth)



Reverb front
Reverb rear
Reverb guts
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