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Kingston Reverb

Inspired from the AA1164 circuit, this amp is the perfect companion for the guitarist. A single channel with the famous tube reverb and a subtile tube tremolo that will enhance chords and solos beautifully. All of this in a small and relatively light combo.

Speaking of tone, this amp will deliver the typical clean sound blackface amps are famous for, but with an extra mellowness depending on the speaker hooked up : perfect for the blues player.

The overdrive tone is as for it, tight and well defined thanks to the negative feedback used in this amp.

The headroom of this amp will satisfy home players but might be a little short for rehearsals and gigs if one wants to stay clean all the way.

  • Hi & Lo Inputs

  • Controls : Volume, Treble, Bass, Reverb, Speed, Intensity

  • Preamp : 12AX7 (V1), 12AT7 (V2), 12AX7 (V3), 12AX7 (V4)

  • Power stage : 6V6GT (V5, V6)

  • Rectification :  GZ34 (V7)

  • Speaker : Weber 10" 30W/8 ohms

  • Power transformer : Hammond

  • Output transformer : Mercury Magnetics

  • Power : 12Wrms

  • Weight : 15kg

  • Finish : Varnished wood or Classical (Black tolex and silver grillcloth)


Kingston front
Kingston rear
Kingston guts
Kingston chassis
Kingston guts
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