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Originally equipped with a tremolo, this version called TMB (for Treble-Mid-Bass) offers two well different and complementary channels that make this amp a very versatile tool.
The first channel delivers a nice and warm clean sound, very dynamic without being harsh that starts to crunch lately.
The second channel is a real lead channel with three band EQ, a gain and a level control that is craving for big fat lead solos! And to be sure to enjoy it without getting deaf or annoy the neighbourhood, a Lar-Mar type PPIMV has been added on the rear pannel.
No, Angus young is not dead yet, but his soul surely lives in this infernal beast!


  • Channel 1 : Hi & Lo Inputs; Volume & Tone

  • Channel 2 : Hi Input ; Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Master Volume

  • PPIMV Lar-Mar

  • Preamp : ECC83 (V1, V2, V3)

  • Power stage : EL84 (V4, V5)

  • Rectification : EZ81 (V6)

  • Power transformer : Classic Tone

  • Output transformer : Mercury Magnetics

  • Speaker output impedance : 8 or 16 ohm

  • Power : 12Wrms

  • Weight : 9kg

  • Finish : Varnished wood or Classical (black tolex and white piping)

From 1400€

TMB 18w front
TMB 18w chassis
TMB 18w guts
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